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RIP Kenny ⁠— Getting Outside to Inspire Your Creativity, Processing Hard-Hitting Drums, and Arranging Great Mixdowns

5 months ago

"Get outside. Go enjoy the outdoors and your music will be better for it." ⁠— RIP Kenny

RIP Kenny (@RIP Kenny) is a producer, DJ, sensei and mentor at Producer Dojo. His first release, Awakening EP, was released in September 2018 on the Producer Dojo label, and showcases his distinct guitar-infused heavy bass sound. He has also curated Producer Dojo Cypher #6, Get Outside, and he contributed a remix to the "Guard" Remix EP by Daniel Simmons this past summer.

In our conversation, we talk about how enjoying the outdoors inspires his music, how to process punchy, hard-hitting drums, what an arrangement needs to make for a great mixdown, and much more.

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